ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ( Fail…ish)

IbvVq2_tydc ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ( Fail…ish) 4 I Nominate: Megan Owen, Shauny Bee and Tarique Please Donate! Research what ALS is you will be shocked, It is a very horrible condition that causes you to lose control of your muscles through your nerves. people with ALS struggle to do day to day task even dressing and feeding themselves which will also lead to death. I read many stories and one article popped out to me and it was ‘walk a mile in ALS shoes’ which gave you an idea of what it is like to live with this condition e.g. sitting in the same position for 15 minutes not moving anything except your eyes or lifting a 10 pound weight like a fork to see how hard it is for them to eat on their own. *Macmillan Cancer Trust* Macmillan Text ‘ICE’ to 70550 (UK) *ALS Association* (Worldwide) Call- (888) 949 2577 (US and Canada) And yes I am aware that I am in a swimming costume and I am not slim…that is all!